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Time to start a new season on Youtube. I really missed filming Youtube videos for my international followers and now I am back. Starting today I will continue to upload my new videos on my main channel @vpureglam and nearly every day on my Patreon channel.

In the future I will show you some more locations and outfits during my daily life in leather pants, pantyhose, high heels and boots. Today I will start with a nice park and I really enjoy to be outside. 

Some of you might notice that I filmed some German videos, but I stopped it already and switched back to English language. I know that my English is not perfect, but I have way more fun to share my life with the whole world. It is way more easy to film German language videos, as it is more natural for me, but the fun and challenge is way bigger while talking English.

I was always struggling a bit to fit in and now I am happy to follow my heart and do what feels best for me. I cannot promise how many and how often I will upload videos, but I am open. I just don’t have to create videos or blogposts, just when I love to share some thing with you.

But plans can change and maybe I will focus even more on my VIP videos on OnlyFans and Patreon, like I did the last months. It is so amazing to have this awesome community and people that support and love my style as much as I do…

So maybe the next step will be an Instagram post? In the meantime you can still watch my “older” English videos on my Archive YouTube channel…

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