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    Who is Vanessa Pur?
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    Vanessa is a YouTuber, Blogger, Instagrammer and Influencer from Germany with a special feminine clothing style. She loves to wear high heels, classy outfits with pantyhose, but also otk boots and leather, vinyl and latex clothes.

    Vanessa is a woman from Germany who was always interested in photography and technic, as well as in traveling the world and celebrating her high heels.

    Vanessa started her online history with her first German Blog 2010 to write about her hotel stays in the US. Mainly the blog was meant to be for friends and frequent travelers all over the world. More and more she was present in the pictures of the blog and became the face of the blog. Soon the blog was one of the most important blogs in Germany.

    Right now Vanessa Pur has a personal blog in English language for her fashion pictures, look books and personal thoughts Her German lifestyle blog gets posts also from other authors right now and is still mainly about travel and technic products.

    Vanessa started her first blog on the domain ending .TV, as she always thought, that in the future there will be with a lot more videos and direct contact to different people. She started her YouTube channel VpureGLAM to talk and vlog about her travels and also show more of her feminine looks.

    Vanessas style is always very elegant, classy and sophisticated with a bit of sexiness in it. She loves to wear her high heels collection and boots especially during winter time. She is also not afraid to try leather, vinyl and latex in combination with regular outfits. Vanessa loves to be a woman and often wears a lot of skirts and dresses.

    Vanessa was born in Düsseldorf and worked for a tech company after finishing her business management training. Being a full time blogger and YouTuber was never in her mind, when she started her channels and blog. As the blog grew, also the different opportunities grew to produce more and better pictures and videos.

    In the future Vanessa will continue writing posts for her fashion blog and also from time to time for the lifestyle blog, but the main focus will be creating YouTube videos and special exclusive content for her Patreon followers. She will start traveling again more often and is even thinking about relocating in the future.

    More facts and FAQs about Vanessa Pur

    • How tall is Vanessa? Her size is 168cm / 5'6 1/8
    • What shoe size has Vanessa? EU 37.5
    • What clothes size has Vanessa? S / European 34/36
    • What is Vanessas Bra Size? 70 D / 32 D
    • How old is Vanessa? over 25 years 🙂
    • When is Vanessa celebrating her birthday? July, 11th
    • Where was Vanessa born? Düsseldorf, Germany
    • What are Vanessas favorite cities? Miami, New York, London, Berlin
    • Does Vanessa has a boy-friend or girl-friend? Is Vanessa married? She is happy with her current situation 🙂
    • What are her favorite hosiery brands? Wolford, Falke
    • What are her favorite shoe brands? Christian Louboutin, YSL, Prada, Jimmy Choo
    • Does Vanessa has an Amazon-wishlist? Yes - you find it if you click on WISHLIST on the menue of this blog
    • What are her favorite perfumes? Jean Paul Gaultier - Scandal, Yves Saint Laurent -  Black Opium
    • What are her favorite wines or cocktails? Vanessa doesn't drink alcohol - so she doesn't drink wine or alcoholic cocktails
    • What beverages does Vanessa love? Dr.Pepper, Almdudler, Fiji & VOSS Water
    • What kind of Food does Vanessa love? Pizza, Pasta, Vegetables, Steak, Salmon, Chocolates & Liquorice
    • Does Vanessa smoke? No she doesn't
    • What kind of sports does Vanessa like to watch? Football, American Football, Basketball, Motorsports

    Want to know more about Vanessa – why and how she started with her online appearance?
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