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What a day 😘 After a great breakfast find the time to go shopping and got a lot of new clothes and products. I might create a shopping haul video for you on my YouTube channel, but next time I need assistance and someone to carry all my bags and to… 😉

Cannot wait to go out shopping with my OTK boots again and wearing a powerful lady style – but today only leather pants and pumps and 27°C/80°F … – it was a real successful shopping day, a great lunch and now time to order some new shoes online… If you want to see me in a video of 18 (!!!) minutes, unboxing four pair of new OTK boots and try them on, please watch my Patreon page for this month exclusive video. My wonderful community for all lovers of long legs, otk boots, leather looks and latex looks, lingerie and much more… never expected to find such a great community to share my looks with… and most times, two or more exclusive videos…

This evening still thinking about going to the movies or to have a great dinner – should I wear these boots for dinner?

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Thank you for your comment, thank you for becoming my Patreon and thank you for visiting my daily photo of the day… Enjoy the evening and tomorrow you find a new video and new photo of the day…

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