Over the knee stocking socks | Secretary outfit

How to turn a classy blouse and secretary outfit into a hot outfit with over the knee stockings socks? I will show you my version of wearing over the knee socks and how they will appear most elegant. Wearing over the knee boots often looks a bit too strict and serious. In that case I love to wear my laced Overknee Socks by Wolford.




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In my YouTube videos you will often see different black and white combinations in my outfit lookbooks, as I love to wear this classy styles. So many advantages to wear a white top and a black bottom, like a skirt, pants or hot pants. You can look very serious, but also very sexy, depending on your piece of clothing.

I love to select classy garments and combine them with a fashion trend. This time you will see me with a classy white blouse and my black hot pants or shorts. A typical black and white set for me, my shorts are a bit more high waist and make my legs appear a bit longer.

To put some more attention and focus on my legs, I selected my overknee socks and stockings. They have a cute lacing in the front which is double-layered with tan tights on the lacing part.

This real lacing detail makes those socks look delicate and special. I also wear some thin sheer tights below my socks, as I love to make my thighs look a bit more flawless with tan tights. Wearing this combination will draw a lot of attention to your thighs.

I definitely recommend to wear high heels with this look, as due to the black long socks and stockings, your legs may appear shorter as they are. In this outfit lookbook you will see me wearing my So Kate Christian Louboutin high heels.

In my opinion some red details makes this outfit complete.You will see me with red lips, red finger nails and red bottom shoes. My pointy toe Louboutins have a 12cm or 5 inch heel, which makes this outfit very elegant in total.

Over the knee stocking socks | Secretary outfit
Over the knee stocking socks | Secretary outfit





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