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I love posting new outfit pictures and blog posts, but from time to time I love to refresh my pages, too. So as so much has changed during the last months, I just finished my new pages for my web site.




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I love to share many information about me and my styles and outfits on my web site. Starting 2010 with my first travel blog, I also started showing my first looks. After separating my different topics on different blogs, I also created my new English blog and website for my international followers. My domain combines my outfits, my thoughts and news about me and my plans for the future.

I love posting new outfit pictures and blog posts, but from time to time I love to refresh my pages, too. So as so much has changed during the last months, I just finished my new pages for my web site. In my opinion it looks a bit more modern now and shares some more information. So let’s take a look on the new pages I created for my web site.

New info pages about Vanessa Pur

First of all and the main page that you mights have seen already is my new start page, my HOME. You will find this site, if you click on my big VP logo or if you click on HOME on my top menu bar. You will see a large welcome picture of my, find more information about me and see my latest blogposts. I will automatically share my latest Instagram pictures on this home page also. You will find all my social media profiles and you can view my Twitter feed. You will also find a video playlist with my favorite and new videos from YouTube. More direct links and direct access to my main web wide activities.

Most of my visitors want to see more content of me or like to get to know me better as a person. So there is no wonder, that you will find new pages about me. On my main ABOUT page, you will find some fact and a biography explaining where I live, what I do in my everyday life, how I am as a person and if you can meet me for a coffee. Even more facts, stats and frequently asked questions you will find on my FAQ page.

Shopping links, wishlist, contact, social media profiles, Instagram & join the club

As many questions are concerning my outfits and clothes I am wearing, I created a separate SHOPPING page, where you will find the links to my favorite products, like my shiny tights, sheer pantyhose, leather leggings and of course my red bottom high heels and over the knee boots. You will also find affiliate links, if you like to support my content while shopping your regular items on Amazon etc. – for you the prices will be the same, but I will get a little part of your purchase for the reference.

Speaking of supporting me and shopping, I also get asked a lot about my wishes. I created a wishlist on Amazon and have also some more wishes on different shops. I have a weakness for high heels, tights and tech products, but you will find more about my wishes on my WISHLIST page.

You will also find a new page with my main social media networks and more information, what I post on which profile. On this FAN PAGE you will find my profiles where you can support me and my content to motivate me to create more content in the future. You will find some more fan questions answered and links to my Twitter, YouTube and Instagram profiles, where I love post my pictures and videos. You will find more about my former different Instagram profiles on my INSTAGRAM page.

You may also have noticed, that I offer a member area and VIP club for my loyal fans and supporters. I will share exclusive pictures, videos and stories that you will not find on my website or on my regular social media channels. I will explain more about the content on my PATREON page and more about it in general on my WHAT IS PATREON page.

And the last page I love to share with you is my CONTACT page with all the possible contact options for different reasons. I really love the new design and look of my new pages and now I will start working on new pictures and fashion outfits for you as well as a special page for my favorite pictures and maybe I will also offer some pictures as wallpapers? Please subscribe to my newsletter if you do not want to miss my next updates…

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