Again it is time for the next livechat video session to get as close as meeting me for real. Join me on a Friday evening and have the best possible start into the weekend together with me. My live streaming events became a very special and precious way to communicate with my loyal supporting followers. It is the best way to get to know me better and to understand what’s behind me as a person – who is Vanessa Pur.

Join my next LIVECHAT video session

A Friday evening to watch me on my livechat event and ask your favorite questions and everything you like to know or understand a bit better. During the last livechats I shared some very personal thoughts and moments, which only happens if you are live on screen instead of filming a video.

I just love the fact, that the chat is already open for everybody to register and also ask your questions, that I can anwser when I go live on Friday. For everybody who will not make it in time, I will record these answers, so that they can hear the answers, as if I was live or you can even watch the whole live chat event as a replay.

Date: Friday, December 14th, 2018 – 23.00 (German time), 5pm EST
Requirement: Be a GOLD-Patron (or higher) at 

Join the Q&A LIVECHAT now and start asking your questions

Livechat Vanessa Pur

As it is already December and the end of this year, it will also be a Christmas video chat. There are so many ideas for the next months and I cannot wait until I can realize many of these thoughts. It is such a great way for me to directly communicate with the people, that love to see me and my content. I never expected, that Patreon will take such a big part in my daily live.

I am already thinking about the perfect outfit for my Christmas live chat. I just love the fact that I can show a bit hotter moments on Patreon, as some moments are not ment to be for every network. I just have fun producing my picture galleries and my videos with much more details than on YouTube.

I am looking forward to this Christmas chat and to meet you on Friday…


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