Leather thigh highs boots outfit

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Leather boots, hotpants and a white turtleneck-top – dark pantyhose, dark nail polish and open hair… Ready for lunch… Will you pick me up for lunch, when I wear this look? I simply cannot stop wearing pantyhose and boots these days – perfect for this winter weather – yesterday sunshine, but freezing cold, today again fog and temperatures around 0°C … ❄️ I think I really have to focus my plans on relocating in 2021 and move to a warmer area to show you also more looks with bikini and lingerie.

If you are thinking about me in lingerie or with a very tiny bikini, you also want to think about a very glossy bu…, me as your latex secretary or your latex boss? How about glossy legs or transparency and a lot of leather? These are just a few examples of yesterday’s updates on my Patreon page and today we will continue with lingerie and also possible a lingerie video

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But much more updates are prepared for the next 48 hours – including selected photo galleries with professional photos – how about photos with corset and stockings? You see – every day a lot of new photos and videos and a way to get in personal touch with me…

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