Leather skirt and transparent top – black pantyhose legs…

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A special look for you today with a strict leather skirt, long legs in black pantyhose and a semi-transparent top or a fishnet top with rhinestones. This transparent top is really special and shows more or less of your bra and body – always depending on the light situations and the little rhinestones add an exclusive and elegant touch.

I cannot wait to share many more leather and pantyhose looks with you in the future on my “Photo of the day”. You might already notice, that I stopped uploading daily photos to my Instagram channels (vanessa.pur) and (vanessa_pur_official) and will set priority to upload photos here on my blog – without any algorithm or limitations what I’m allowed to upload. So feel free to visit my blog and the “Photo(s) of the day” daily and you will get a lot of extra-content… Very easy for you – and something special will follow in March 2020…

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Again a wonderful mixture of different looks and styles for every follower… I’m sure you will love these updates – and the updates I uploaded yesterday:

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