Leather pencil skirt & sequins top – Glamour outfit

A leather pencil skirt is one of my favorite piece of clothing. Sometimes I wear it in combination with a white blouse for a day time occasion, but I also have a favorite outfit set for a nice evening and glamour outfit. Leather skirts and pencil skirts can make a very beautiful evening outfit, in combination with a backless top or body and I'm sure, I will also show it to you on my new page - "VANESSA PUR FREE PHOTO OF THE DAY"




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My glamour outfit shows my simple black leather pencil skirt in combination with a black sequin body, sheer tights and special velvet high heels with a lacing detail. I remember wearing this outfit in Berlin, while attending Berlin Fashion Week. I was invited to a nice dinner evening and decided to go with this outfit.

This sequin top is a body, which is very tight to your body. It feels secure, when you wear it, but it also shows a lot of skin and cleavage. I love the fact, that leather is one of those materials, that you can combine with nearly every regular material. I just don’t like to combine leather with latex or vinyl clothes.

I love how you can turn a regular business skirt into a really beautiful evening outfit. From secretary style to sexy style, although a secretary style can also be very hot. I prefer to wear this combination during summer time. This leather skirt is one of my longer skirts, as most of my skirts are pretty short, but it is also a very classy and elegant version of leather skirts.

My high heels are from a traditional German shoe brand called Peter Kaiser, the reason why they don’t have a red bottom. I love the little lacing detail and the mesh parts on my high heels. Those shoes are very comfortable for me, as they are just 4inch high and have a rubber sole.

Walking through the streets of Berlin in this style on a nice summer day was a great feeling. You do not look like a tourist, you look like you have a plan for this evening. My plan was to have fun, enjoy talking to my company and the great dinner, which I did.

Leather pencil skirt & sequins top - Glamour outfit
Leather pencil skirt & sequins top - Glamour outfit
Leather pencil skirt & sequins top - Glamour outfit
Leather pencil skirt & sequins top - Glamour outfit





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