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Is there an official fanpage of Vanessa Pur? Does Vanessa Pur have a model page with lots of pictures? Where can I find more pictures and videos of Vanessa Pur? What is the blog address of Vanessa Pur? What is the Instagram account of Vanessa Pur for pictures and Instagram Stories? What is the official Twitter channel of Vanessa Pur?

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So many questions about the official accounts and where to find content like pictures and videos – so it is time to offer a list with the main social media accounts of Vanessa Pur combined with some information of Vanessa.

Official social media and websites of and about Vanessa Pur:






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Who is Vanessa Pur? (Wiki)

Vanessa is a woman from Germany who was always interested in photography and technic, as well as in travelling the world and high heels.

Vanessa started her German Blog 2010 to write about her hotel stays in the US. Mainly the blog was ment to be for friends and travellers all over the world. More and more she was present in the pictures of the blog and became the face of the blog.

Right now Vanessa Pur has a separate blog for her fashion pictures, lookbooks and personal thoughts Her lifestyleblog gets posts also from other authors right now and is still mainly about travel and technic products.

Vanessa was born in DĂĽsseldorf and worked for a tech company after finishing her business management training. As the blog grows, also the different opportunities grew to produce more and better pictures and videos.

Official Networks of Vanessa Pur - Wiki - FAQs - Social Media

Where do I find pictures and lookbooks of Vanessa Pur?

You will find most of Vanessas pictures on this blog at the lookbook. If you like to read the German text, please use Chrome-browser to get a translation. Right now Vanessa is thinking about switching the blog completely into English language or to start a new additional blog in English language

If you like to share Vanessas pictures, we recommend to use Pinterest and click on the share options, as there will be no copyright violation if you share pictures from Vanessas official channel.

If you like to repost Vanessas Instagram pictures, please contact her and her team before posting to avoid a copyright strike at Instagram.

All pictures on this blog will be „safe for work“, but if you like to get some NSFW pictures (no nudity, but a bit more strict and special), you should think about becoming a patron to Vanessa at her Patreon page to get access.

Where can I watch videos of Vanessa Pur?

Vanessa started her first blog on the domain ending .TV, as she always thought, that the future will be with a lot more videos and direct contact to different people. She started her YouTube channel VpureGLAM to talk and vlog about her travels and also show more of her feminine looks.

The main YouTube channel will now offer videos in English language, because of the many international followers at this channel.

If you like to get impressions of Vanessa and her life, YouTube is a great place to watch her in motion. Also Instagram stories are a great option to get some impressions of Vanessa. If you want to be a bit closer and intimate, you can watch Vanessas Lens Stories at Patreon for her close fans.

If you like to get access to more videos, exclusive content, classic videos and also some NSFW videos that were too hot for YouTube, you have the opportunity the find them on Vanessas fanpage at Patreon.

Can I chat with Vanessa Pur?

Vanessa tries to reply to every nicely asked question, but due to the daily amount of emails, direct messages and comments, it is not possible to answer everybody. She often produces FAQ videos to answer those questions to more than just one person.

The best way to contact Vanessa personal is via the messaging option at Patreon, if you are an active member. As Vanessa loves to produce new content she spends most of her time producing, editing and posting this content, instead of chatting with individuals. You can always contact her team at info(@) if you have a great idea for a cooperation or a general question.

Vanessa is already thinking about having a fan meeting in the future to met some of her loyal followers in real life, but it is not possible to meet Vanessa „just for a coffee“ right now. All information about this subject will be at Vanessas Patreon page.

From time to time, Vanessa also offers live chat and live streamings for direct contact with her fans and followers at Patreon. This will be the best option to get as close as you can to her right now. Vanessa has a Snapchat account, but she will not use this account to chat, just to share some Instagram stories from time to time.

Can I book Vanessa Pur as a model?

Right now it is not possible to book Vanessa for photo sessions, as Vanessa has found her favorite team already and doesn’t see herself as a model to book. She loved to produce pictures and videos, but only with the people and friends she knows over the last years.

On which social media channels should I follow Vanessa Pur?

Instagram is still Vanessas favorite smartphone app on her iPhone, so she will be happy if you follow her on Instagram at @vanessa.pur and leave a comment and a like on her daily pictures.

On Facebook Vanessa also posts some pictures, blogposts and videos, as she has a Facebook page and a closed group for her followers. On her private account she will not be active right now and will not accept friend requests or direct messages.

Twitter @vanessapur is a nice place to share some pictures and some links to her videos and blogposts. You can also follow Vanessa on her Reddit profile.

For business contacts Vanessa also has a LinkedIn account.

For live chat video options she also has a Twitch account, but right now she only offers live chat via Patreon with Crowdcast.

More facts and FAQs about Vanessa Pur

  • How tall is Vanessa? Her size is 168cm / 5’6 1/8
  • What shoe size has Vanessa? EU 37.5
  • What clothes size has Vanessa? S / European 34/36
  • How old is Vanessa? over 25 years 🙂
  • When is Vanessa celebrating her birthday? July, 11th
  • Does Vanessa has a boy-friend or girl-friend? Is Vanessa married? She is happy with her current situation 🙂
  • What are her favorite hosiery brands? Wolford, Falke
  • What are her favorite shoe brands? Christian Louboutin, Prada, Jimmy Choo
  • Does Vanessa has an Amazon-wishlist? Yes – you find it here
  • What are her favorite perfumes? Jean Paul Gaultier – Scandal, Yves Saint Laurent –  Black Opium
  • What are her favourite wine or cocktails? Vanessa doesn’t drink alcohol – so she doesn’t drink wine or alcoholic cocktails
  • Does Vanessa smokes? No and she never tried it

How is Vanessa as a person?

We know Vanessa for a long time now and know, that she is very special to all of us. She is easy to work with and a very positive person. Small details and long talks mean a lot to her, much more than her growing numbers of followers, which she is also very proud of. Vanessa is very ambitious and works when ever there is time to create something for her audience and followers.

Vanessas style is always very elegant, classy and sophisticated with a bit of sexiness in it. She loves to wear her high heels collection and boots during winter time. She is also not afraid to try leather, vinyl and latex in combination with regular outfits. Vanessa loves to be a woman and often wears a lot of skirts and dresses.

As Vanessa often loves to try new technology and new ways of social media, we hope that her online appearance will last for a long time. We know that she would not hesitate to stop her influencer life and doing something completely different. But for know she has a lot of fun creating new content and enjoy this special way of living.

What is planned for the future?

Vanessa will continue writing posts for her fashion blog and also from time to time for the lifestyle blog, but the main focus will also be creating YouTube videos and special content for her Patreon followers. She will start travelling again more often and is even thinking about relocating in the future. As more and more content will be in English language, she thinks about maybe creating a podcast in her first language German.

Thank you for supporting and following Vanessa!