Saturday, April 10, 2021
    Who is

    Vanessa Pur

    I am Vanessa Pur and most of my followers and fans know me from me online appearances on YouTube, Instagram and on my different blogs. Right now I am known for my classy, feminine, elegant and sexy fashion style.

    I love to wear high heels and high heeled over the knee boots, as well as tights and pantyhose or leather pants and skirts or dresses. I love to be a woman and try to celebrate my life and style everyday.

    Facts about Vanessa Pur

    • Age: 25+ 🙂
    • Size: 168cm / 5’6 1/8
    • Clothing Size: 36/S
    • Shoe Size: EU 37.5
    • Born in: DĂĽsseldorf, Germany
    • Favorite Cities: Miami, New York, London, Berlin

    About Vanessa Pur - Biography

    Vanessa Pur, youtuber and blogger, glamour model, personality and woman. Vanessa is known for her love to wear classy outfits with tights and high heels, but also special clothes with leather, latex and vinyl. Vanessa loves to share her opinion about fashion, social media and shares many parts of her daily life in her videos with her followers…

    100% Me - Believe in yourself

    Surprise me with a gift!

    I am a woman, that loves surprises and attention - no wonder I also have a Amazon wishlist with small and big wishes...

    Vanessa's favorite looks

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