About Vanessa Pur

Vanessa Pur, youtuber and blogger, glamour model, personality and woman. Vanessa is known for her love to wear classy outfits with tights and high heels, but also special clothes with leather, latex and vinyl. Vanessa loves to share her opinion about fashion, social media and shares many parts of her daily life in her videos with her followers…

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Vanessa Pur - YouTuber, Blogger & Instagrammer

Facts about Vanessa Pur

Age: 25+ 🙂
Size: 168cm / 5’6 1/8
Clothing Size: 36/S
Shoe Size: EU 37.5
Bra Size: 70 D / 32 D
Born in: DĂĽsseldorf, Germany
Favorite Brands: Christian Louboutin, Prada, Wolford, Hugo Boss
Favorite Cities: Miami, New York, London, Berlin
Favorite Food: Pizza, Pasta, Vegetables, Steak & Liquorice
Favorite Drink: No alcohol, but loves Dr.Pepper & Almdudler

Who is Vanessa Pur? What does Vanessa Pur do? Is Vanessa Pur a model, a blogger or a youtuber? What do I have to know about Vanessa Pur? Where does Vanessa Pur live? What is her profession? What is important to Vanessa? Show me the wiki of Vanessa Pur…

Who is Vanessa Pur?

I am Vanessa Pur and most of my followers and fans know me from me online appearances on YouTube, Instagram and on my different blogs. Right now I am known for my classy, feminine, elegant and sexy fashion style. I love to wear high heels and high heeled boots, as well as tights and pantyhose or leather pants and skirts or dresses. I love to be a woman and try to celebrate my life and style everyday.

Where does Vanessa Pur live?

During the last years I saw so many parts of this beautiful world, as I love to travel a lot. I am always curious to get to know different cultures, people and fashion styles during my trips. I prefer to be in big cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Singapore, Bangkok, London, Barcelona, Milan and much more.

As my base is still in Europe, Germany, I prefer to be in Berlin, Hamburg and in my hometown DĂĽsseldorf, where I grew up. Most times you see me in different hotels, as I am often in a different city for one week. Due to my high hotel status, I can often show you very nice hotel suites, where I stay, film and take my pictures.

When I need a break, I love to be at the coast and walk for hours – no not in high heels. Being around people, that do not recognize me and tell me their everyday problems which have nothing to do with some algorithm, is very refreshing. I love the contasts of my life and my different places and topics, like fashion, beauty, technic, travel and events.

Where Can I see pictures and videos of Vanessa Pur?

I just switched my fashion pictures from the main lifestyle blog www.pureglam.tv to my new personal blog www.vanessapur.com. You will find many outfits in my lookbook as well as some private thoughts and plans. I started as a travel and fashion blogger in 2010.

Right now I also upload pictures and stories to my Instagram profile at www.instagram.com/vanessa.pur. I also have a Pinterest account at www.pinterest.com/vanessapur to reshare my pictures. I also have a facebook page and a secret facebook group.

For my videos I have different channels at YouTube. My main channel with 60k followers www.youtube.com/user/vpureglamtv will get more and more videos in English language. My second English YouTube channel with 20k followers offers some more lookbooks at www.youtube.com/vanessapurofficial. I just started a new German language channel for my German followers at www.vanessapur.com/deutsch.

For more private moments, live chats, detailled pictures and special pictures that are NSFW (no nudity) I also have a special Patreon page at www.patreon.com/vanessapur. Although I share some special moments only at this platform, I still offer most of my content for free.

Why are there so many German blogposts and videos of Vanessa Pur?

As I am a German woman, living in Germany, I started my blog and videos in German language. Due to the growing amount of international followers, I started to offer more content in English language. If you like to read my German blogposts, I would recommend to use Google Chorme brwoser to get the text translated to your language.

If you speak both languages and want to help me in some way, I am very happy, if you help writing subtitles for my videos on YouTube. This would help a lot.

How old is Vanessa?

I am over 25 years old and celebrate my brithday on July 11th

How tall is Vanessa?

I am 168cm / 5’6 1/8 tall

What is Vanessas shoe size?

I wear shoe size 37.5

Does she have a friend?

I am happy with my situation right now…

What is Vanessa Pur’s profession?

After school I had a business management training and worked as an employee in business management, consulting & marketing.

What are Vanessas favorite brands?

I love Christian Louboutin high heels and Wolford tights. I also love many different brands and will offer a separate page with all my favorite items shortly.

How is Vanessa as a person?

I know that my pictures may look a bit extreme to some people. That was the reason, why I started with my video lookbooks. I wanted to explain a bit more about me and my lifestyle. When you have the luck to meet me in real life or have time to join one of my live chats, you will get to know a very down to earth person, not very complicated, with a very positive mind.

I have no problem to share my outfits and many moments of my life, but I still have some parts in my life, that I do not want to share with the online world – e.g. my friends, family and my private home. I do not feel, that I have to explain or excuse for everything I want to do.

I am very ambitious and often try to avoid distraction to reach my self-imposed goals…

I do care about a lot, but I will not be the one to save the world. I know, that I am not that important to the world, but I am happy, that I matter to some people and that gives me the energy to move on everyday and create special content.

I have a rather black humor and sometimes say directly what I think, as I do not like complicate things and often try to save time. I can very easy laugh about myself, as I am not perfect and I do not take life too serious. I love to confuse people with my styles or with a confident and friendly smile.

I love to watch sports like football, american football, formula 1, formula e and much more – I am very proud, that I was at the Super Bowl in Miami in 2009 and at the important NBA final in 2011 with Dirk Nowitzki in Miami.

Is is possible to meet Vanessa?

Right now I do not offer fan meetings, but maybe I will offer some sort of fan meeting for my patrons in the future. I will offer live chats right now to get into direct contect with my loyal fans. I also think about some pictures sets and posters for my patrons right now. Sometimes I also get request for special clothes and items from my patrons directly and we always find a solution for that.

If you have some more questions, you are more than welcome to ask them. I often ask for questions for my live chats and also for my faq videos on youtube. If you like to get even more information about me, please also visit my fanpage on my blog.

Thank you for your support,