VIDEO: Black tights and bodycon dress

It’s time to share a new YouTube video with one of my favorite looks with you. I love wearing bodycon dresses and combine them with different tights. This bodycon dress is already one of my favorite dresses and this zebra animal print makes it really special. The material is also very cozy, as it is some shiny soft velvet, which feels great on your body.

In this video you will see my favorite bodycon dress combined with my black Oroblu Magie tights. I love to wear light and dark colors of tights, when I wear this dress. My tights this time look very elegant as I also wear my elegant black high heels. My So Kate high heels fit perfect to most of my outfits and I really love how they make my legs look a bit longer because of their thin stiletto heels and a special pointy toe. You will see my look in total at the end of my video.

In my new video I will give you some hits about why you had to wait a bit longer for my new video, but you will soon get a longer video about it. In my first video after the break I wanted to share my parcels with you, because you will see some of the items in my next video. So there will be something for my kitchen and something for my work desk. You will find some of the items on my wishlist, if you also like to surprise me.

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I will also show you a very special new fashion item, which arrived and which will fit to many of my already existing fashion clothes. You will also see what is inside my big box, but maybe you already saw some parts of it in my Instagram stories? It was a special fan parcel and very personal, but I do not want to tell you more, if you like to watch the video. So enjoy my video!