Vanessa Pur – Vinyl pants and ultra high heels

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What a week – a lot of traveling without any break, but finally finished… 🙂 If you watch my LENS stories you saw me in different hotels with many hot looks, but also got some more information about the last trip.

During meeting, sitting in trains and planes, I found often a few minutes to create short new video clips with hot latex looks, lingerie or also my new OTK boots and will share them on my Patreon page in the next weeks.

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This weekend will be a try to re-energize a little bit, prepare the first things for September on my Patreon page and to select more photos for my Vanessa Pur 2020 calendar. I cannot wait to share you the first examples… 🙂

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You also know – FRIDAY IS VIDEO DAY – we finally made it and during the week I crossed the 100,000 followers goal on YouTube!! Thank you much for everyone who is following me there. Today you find a new 16 minute video with different over-the-knee-boots. Take a look and don’t forget to follow and like…