Shiny long pantyhose legs outfit with neckline

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Blouse, black skirt and ultra-long legs with a shiny pantyhose – my outfit of the day. Thank you also for your lovely comments on my YouTube channel and also on both Instagram channels @Vanessa.Pur and @Vanessa_Pur_Official. That really means a lot to me.

Right now I’m planning the next updates and videos for my Patreon page and today 4 new updates will follow, 4 additional updates will follow also on Thursday. So more than 100 (!) new photos, 2 new videos and also Video-stories (LENS similar to Instagram-stories but much hotter) will be online in the next 48 hours…!

Thank you also for all the great support over the last weeks, that makes me proud and I really love and enjoy my PURfamily on my VIP-page at Patreon. So don’t miss your chance and let’s join today and become a member of this great community. It seems that a total of 80-100 updates will be online this month – exclusively produced for my Patreon page.

I also love to say thank you for all your orders of my new calendar 2020. Simply unbelievable and I really love the photos and sure you also find your personal favorites. If you want to know more about my calendar 2020 click on the picture below and send me an email.

Yesterday I also launched my next video with a combination of long legs in pantyhose and a lookbook and room-tour with jumpsuit and leather over-the-knee boots. So don’t miss it – and SUBSCRIBE for additional updates to my channel.

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