Vanessa Pur – Secretary look – banned on Instagram again :-)

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This photo is banned on Instagram 🙈- just wanted to share this photo on my account @Vanessa_Pur_official and Instagram removed it immediately because of “Nudity and sexual activity” …

I cannot believe it (see screenshot) – but I heard from a lot of girlfriends on the net that these problems occur more and more often.

So great to have a blog, where I can share these photos and have the chance to upload even the hotter photos and videos (e.g. with lingerie, latex or just a nylon catsuit) on my Patreon page.

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It’s a bit frustrating, when you create a post with best wishes for a wonderful Saturday and it will be deleted immediately.

So I prefer to spend more time in the future to share the hottest looks and special videos with a lot of closeups exclusively on my Patreon page.

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Just got a wonderful new dress – very short, very elegant and very special – with a huge cleavage and will show it directly on my Patreon page. It makes fun to show all these details, closeups in videos – I do not have to censor or to show you my pantyhose, my high heels and my … in details…

Patreon become a great community and a little PURfamily for me – and it makes so much more possible. Thank you to everyone who joined this exclusive area… That means a lot to me ❤️

Thank you also for watching yesterday’s video on YouTube – really wonderful all your feedback on my wonderful suite and the look with the special leather skirt… Enjoy your Saturday evening…