Vanessa Pur – satin blouse & shiny mini skirt

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Halloween – and no I won’t celebrate Halloween this year, because I’m travelling – but I wish everyone who celebrates it, a wonderful evening and a lot of fun. For me it’s travel day later this evening, so it wouldn’t be the best solution to travel with costume…

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But I’m already thinking about a special Santa Claus edition on my Patreon page – a special live chat edition wearing a nice red costume? Or do you prefer to get me in a red leather dress or latex jumpsuit in red with over the knee boots … or a red lingerie set? We’ll see what happens the next days and weeks till Christmas… My Patrons already saw possible outfits of the 2020 calendar and got a special video with long legs and know that it will be a very hot winter season. So think about becoming a Patron and join the PURfamily on November 1st…

Thank you also for your feedback on my latest video on YouTube. I always appreciate all your comments and likes and it motivates me so much to create new content and new videos for all of you. If you miss me in the meantime, don’t forget to check my TikTok account or my Instagram pages.

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