Vanessa Pur – mini-dress – evening style…

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WEEKEND… what a week – very stressful, but also interesting and wonderful – and a lot of new items already arrived from my wishlist. I cannot believe this awesome support… ❤️

This weekend is already reserved for my Patrons and new HQ Videos, e.g. with lingerie and latex – but also with my new transparent blouse and leather skirts or hotpants… I’m ready to film a few new videos and upload new galleries with hot looks.

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The new Vanessa Pur calendar 2020 left the production company and will arrive next week (hopefully) – I will show these calendars first on Patreon and later also on my blog and YouTube, but might have to censor a few photos because NSFW and too hot for YouTube or Instagram. If you know the Vanessa Pur 2019 calendar – I can already promise you – these two editions are much hotter …

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Don’t miss to watch my latest YouTube video I uploaded today and you might remember this special place, if you watch my LENS stories at Patreon frequently. I really love to create these room tours with a hot look for you and might tell you also more about my new iPhone 11 Pro in one of the next videos… Hope you all have a wonderful Friday evening… ❤️