Vanessa Pur – leather mini skirt & cleavage

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WOW November – just 8 more weeks till XMAS… cannot believe it and already thinking about the first items for family and friends… But the first days of the new month are always perfect to start to become a Patreon and join my PURfamily – get immediately access to hundreds of photos and special videos.

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I already started updating with the first November specials on my Patreon page and a lot of hot looks will follow this seasons. I created tons of new hot videos and photos – exclusively for my Patrons and I really want to share them also with you. Patreon is such a great place for everyone who loves extra-content, hotter photos and videos (NSFW) and moments I cannot share on public networks. If you have further questions about Patreon, also check out my Patreon-FAQs on my blog.

Later today you will also find the next video and it will show you a special leather dress, long legs and a lot of … I’m sure you love it. If you subscribed to my YouTube channel already and clicked on the little bell, you will get a notification immediately and won’t miss any future videos or photo updates. Have a wonderful 1st of November…

Get exclusive access on my VIP page - hot photos and videos