Vanessa Pur – leather boots mini dress

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Can I wear over the knee leather boots with a black dress? You cannot believe how often I receive this question via email or direct message. The answer is simple – “Yes!” – as long as you feel comfortable with your look, everything is fine. Don’t let other people judge your look. Be self confident and enjoy the variety of styles.

If you follow me also on Patreon you will find tons of videos and photos with me wearing over-the-knee-boots (OTK boots) with different skirts (e.g. mini skirt, pencil skirt, even latex skirts), but also with hotpants and very short or also longer dresses. It’s always fun to see the reaction of people, when they see that you do not wear “regular knee boots” and combine a dress with over the knee boots.

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Later today I will continue producing hot video clips for my Patrons (just uploaded a 7 minute clip yesterday) and adding new daily updates and hotter photos to my Patreon page. It makes so much fun to create this content without restrictions or being judged if you are allowed to show it “online”… – I love these photos and videos and my Patreon-Community also… 🙂 so it will be a very hot autumn and winter…

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Thank you also for watching yesterday’s video on YouTube – cannot believe over 15.000 people already watched my new unboxing with my Louboutin booties… and this winter I will also show you some leather boots by Christian Louboutin. They look fantastic and you will see them in a lot of videos… Hope you all will have a wonderful Saturday… more updates later on my different pages and on Patreon…