Vanessa Pur – Lace lingerie body & long legs

Vanessa Pur - YouTuber und Patreon girl - free daily photo of the day - exclusively on

Hair done βœ…, make-up done βœ…, high heels selected βœ… – ready for the next calendar month. Already finished two months of the 2020 calendar and it makes so much fun creating special content for you. When starting my calendar in 2019, I never expected so many requests and 2020 will be much hotter! 😈

I just gave my Patrons a sneak peek yesterday and also today with the possible outfits and the reactions are always the same… HOT … (e.g. glossy vinyl otk-boots) πŸ”₯

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So the next calendar will contain also photos with latex and leather, over-the-knee-boots and also lingerie… and I cannot wait to share the final edition with you. I think the pre-order will be available in September 2019.

My next newsletter will be online on August 1st, 2019 – with a special wallpaper just for my newsletter readers. So don’t miss it.

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Vanessa Pur - YouTuber und Patreon girl - free daily photo of the day - exclusively on


  1. Wow just love this look. You are absolutely stunning!! Picture perfect legs…😘. You seem to always brighten up my day with your daily photos. Thank you…😍😍😘

  2. Wow, absolutely stunning!! Those legs, picture perfect. Best Monday ever…😘😘😍😍

  3. Hello Vanessa!!How are you?Hope you are doing wonderful!!Question:Would you ever consider marriage?Please keep in touch!!Love Forever,Roger!!

  4. Love this photo Vanessa your beauty is flawless and I like the scenic back drop. Of course I always love your look anyway. I’m glad to know the new calendar will be available in September. Getting it that soon is a bonus for some of your usEnjoy followers who just can not get enough of you Vanessa. Enjoy August Vanessa and hope as the song says that”I’ll see You Iin September” . lol V P !

  5. My Lovely Vanessa

    You look so sexy in that outfit, but it is very classy and elegant and shows great taste. I especially like the pantyhose you are wearing, it really accents your beautiful long legs. You have the most beautiful legs I have ever seen.

  6. Wow what an outfit. Love those long legs sometimes they don’t look like they end. Thank you for the picture. Have a great Monday.

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