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Travel day – just a short trip to Berlin for one day for a meeting with a PR agency to discuss future projects and then focus on my own projects. For that reason only small luggage, my soft rose leather skirt, a white blouse and my Degraspike pumps. I already got a new blouse yesterday in white transparent and it should look great with a few of my special outfits.

I think about combining it with my black vinyl pants or black latex jeans or even a really short mini skirt. If you want to see these special unboxings and try-ons with much hotter looks, take a look on my PATREON page – where I show all my looks first and with much more details (or items I cannot share on public pages).

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Later today I also upload a new gallery with my new leather dress I received from my wishlist from one of my Patrons and really love it – join the PURfamily today and become a Patron…

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I’ll try to produce also a few new lookbooks for YouTube. Everyone who follows my YouTube channels for more than a year will remember my daily lookbook channel. It might return – but not on a daily basis. Don’t miss these updates