Vanessa Pur – extreme high slit dress

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A real short dress with a high slit – perfect for a special evening (but not if you have to sit a lot) 🙂 . For sure you get a lot of attention with this dress and have to feel self-confident when wearing it – but from time to time I love these looks – especially on warm summer evenings.

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Right now I prefer to wear my new over-the-knee-boots or special outfits made of leather, e. g. my new red or purple leather dresses, you can already see on my Patreon page. Most of these hotter looks are available in longer videos with a lot of details and close-ups, exclusively for my Patrons. Yesterday I launched a poll and asked my Patrons again what they like to see in the next weeks or months and it’s quite interesting… You can always vote for your favorite styles or favorite looks.

And if you like to know a few more of the possible outfits of my calendar 2020, you can also check my newest video on YouTube. I show you different possible looks and finally I can say a few of them are really part of the calendar 2020…

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