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CALENDAR TIME – my first calendars 2020 arrived today and I cannot wait to take the photos with the Vanessa Pur Calendars 2020 for you… I really love the photos of the calendar and yes they will include photos with stockings and also latex… and will be much hotter than the Vanessa Pur 2019 calendar. You can order the calendar again directly via email. More details will be announced soon.

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If you want to get the first impression of my calendar – Check out today’s LENS stories at Patreon (similar to Instagram-stories but much hotter)… I’m creating a new video tomorrow with much more impression of the smaller version of my Vanessa Pur Calendar 2020 … The XL-version of my calendar also contain a few special photos I have to censor for YouTube and Instagram 🙂 – but I’m sure you’ll love them… I might show you a sneak peek of this edition tomorrow. So check out the latest updates, photos and videos on my Patreon page.

Starting in November I might return to the 2 videos per week schedule on my YouTube channel and upload nearly every day a new photo on my community tab… Thanks for following…

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