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Vanessa Pur - YouTuber und Patreon girl - free daily photo of the day - exclusively on

Short break during my calendar production 2020 and my video production for my Patrons in August and I love the idea with this “Photo of the day” more and more. I do not have to check, if I’m allowed to write about this, if the pose is too sexy or someone don’t like my postings and will report it to Instagram – so it’s a new way of freedom.

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You already know that it makes so much fun to create much hotter content for you on Patreon (NSFW) and also not showing always the “nice girl, but I also enjoy updating my blog frequently with my latest thoughts.

Yesterday I receive a question, if I will continue uploading also new photos on my Instagram channels (vanessa.pur and vanessa_pur_official) with 208k and 30k followers and I might upload a few photos in the future, but during the next days not on a daily basis. I will continue posting my thoughts only on my own blog.

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Red high heels, red soles and leather

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I never felt so free not thinking about algorithm and time between posts like I did in the last two weeks. I really realized, that I do not need Instagram any longer. It was a wonderful community with a few new offline friends, but it just another network which might have problems with girls looking not casual or love to be a woman… So updates will follow on Instagram from time to time on both profiles, but not sure how often or when I post them.

You will also find the softer versions of my videos (SFW) on my two YouTube channels and I’m already producing a new video for my German YouTube channel and for my second YouTube channel (my former daily channel)… but my main focus for the future will be this blog with soft and free photos and my Patreon page and my wonderful Patreon community with much hotter photos and videos and moments I cannot share on the free and public net, because of NSFW 🙂

Vanessa Pur - YouTuber und Patreon girl - free daily photo of the day - exclusively on


  1. Hello Vanessa!!How are you?Have you ever considered coming to Chicago?I know you would love the city here.Looking as great and sexy as ever!!!Please keep wearing pantyhose!!!Love Forever,Roger J.

    • I don’t think that I go to the US for vacation this year and all other trips are always very short – often 48-72 hours only, without camera or for filming…

      • Omg thank you for the response. I wish I could set up a trip for you to come out to southern California and visit. Thank you for the pictures and emails so that I can see a day in your life. Take care.


        • I love Southern California and spend a lot of time in that area. It is still on my possible-location-list for a relocation in 2020/2021 – but right now I prefer to go back to Miami

          • That would be great if you moved to Miami. That means you will have to start cheering for the Miami Dolphins football team instead of the saints. Like I said I keep playing the lottery so when I win I will set up a trip for you to come visit San Diego for you to come visit for a few days at my expense. Thanks

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