Vanessa Pur – Corset vinyl mini skirt white blouse

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A special outfit today – wearing my corset vinyl skirt for a wonderful shine and a great bum 🙂 … I really loved this special skirt and I will also add it on sale in the next weeks, when my annual closet sale will start with a lot of my outfits. I already got plenty new outfits and need space… I will announce this sale via newsletter and via Instagram @vanessa.pur / @vanessa_pur_official

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Right now I’m planning the next video and try-on-haul and think about ordering some new lingerie. Lingerie and latex will be available exclusively only for my Patrons on my Vanessa Pur VIP Page. Patreon gives me the possibility to show much more details, closeups and create longer videos and photos without restrictions… So if you are looking for a hot October, take a look on my Patreon page and become part of the PURfamily.

I just uploaded a new video clip yesterday with my new favorite vinyl skirt and a new definition of secretary look (or should I call it female boss?) 🙂 … I’m sure you love this video.

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Friday will be the next video online on my YouTube channel and I think at the end of October I will return to two videos every week on my YouTube channel… Enjoy your Tuesday… ❤️