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OCTOBER – Hope you had a great start! Cannot believe in three months we are already celebrating the new year 2020 and a few of you will have my calendar 2020 … it will be much hotter than the last edition and might be available in two sizes… More updates very soon (join my private mailing list).

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The first days of the months are always great to become part of my PATREON family with much more content, hotter updates, photos and videos and a lot of things I cannot share on public networks or on YouTube. So if you love long legs, pantyhose, vinyl or latex fashion, long leather boots or leather looks – the friendly girl or the LADY – you have to become a PATRON and join my PURfamily … don’t forget the short video clips (LENS Stories) nearly every day… Join today and let’s have a great autumn together

If you watched my latest unboxing video, you saw the tons of new clothes (latex, leather, pantyhose, pencil skirts, corsets and new boots) and I will start with try-on and unboxing videos also very soon – exclusively for my Patrons

Get exclusive access on my VIP page - hot photos and videos

I still cannot believe, we are now 100,000 on YouTube and my silver play button is already on the way to me… Thank you for watching all my videos and for subscribing to my channel, commenting my videos or liking my YouTube videos… this means a lot to me…

If you still cannot get enough, I already started posting again a few updates on my two Instagram channels vanessa.pur and vanessa_pur_official (backup-channel) and share little Instagram-stories with you… don’t miss it…