Vanessa Pur – Cleavage and ultra short mini skirt

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MONDAY Motivation – I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Let’s start a new week with one of my favorite combinations for the evening. My chain body with huge cleavage and a black shining vinyl skirt. Combined with my black So Kate high heels and a sheer tights.

Yesterday I uploaded the first 11 photos of my new latex dress with cleavage on my PATREON page and I really love this dress. When I first saw the dress online, I was not sure, if it’s the right dress for the evening or special events, but it looks fantastic. I also created a video clip with this dress and will show it very soon – exclusively on PATREON.

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I still cannot believe how quickly my PURfamily at Patreon grows and how many long time friends already part of this fantastic group. This makes so much fun and a lot of things possible. I can show you photos with pantyhose, lingerie, but also with latex, leather or my different OTK boots without restrictions. Become a member of the family now… 🙂

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I also had an idea this weekend for my YouTube channel and will return to a schedule with two or three videos every week – much softer than on Patreon – but still with nice looks… The next video is scheduled for Friday, but I might launch it earlier. Subscribe to this channel, ring the bell to get notification and you won’t miss any future update… Have a wonderful Monday.