Vanessa Pur – blue satin x black vinyl

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Monday Motivation – hope you all had a fantastic weekend with great weather. I have three more travel days on my list, but the last days were really great. I met a few friends, had great dinner and cannot wait to share the new photos, but also my new fashion items with you.

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Just produced a few more videos for my YouTube channel and for sure also for Patreon the much hotter clips. I’m already thinking about a new made-to-measure leather dress for the winter seasons and might combine it with my new otk boots. In the next days you will also find the new unboxing / try-on-video with my OTK boots on my YouTube channel.

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If you want to take a closer look and a special unboxing and try-on video, check out the 18 minute video clip on my Patreon page (where you find a total of 130 additional videos online).