Black tights business style

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Back to black tights and secretary look. Yesterday you saw my first steps at TIKTOK, if you follow my social media channels and I uploaded a first video clip with my new leather skirt and a white blouse.

More video clips will follow for sure in the next days… I’m already planning some updates for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok đŸ”„ and for sure for Patreon.

During the last days I already received my possible hot dress for New Years Eve and it’s a special color with a huge cleavage. These special lookbooks are available only on my PATREON page, because I have to censor too much for public networks… It’s really a joy to share these special looks, all the close-ups of legs in pantyhose, short skirts and huge cleavage with you. Have a look and don’t miss today’s special

I’m also thinking about the next video for YouTube for Friday – a try-on haul with unboxing or all the possible outfits for my calendar, including some lingerie and latex.

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