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Vanessa Pur - Transparent Top - PATREON Page - Vinyl Pants - Exclusive FEMALE Boss - Lady - Louboutin High Heels

Vinyl pants & sheer top – Party outfit

That is exactly the moment when you realise that you wear fashion because you can and because you do not want to wear boring...
Pantyhose legs with back seam tights Wolford tights seamed pantyhose black tights with black mini dress

Back-seamed tights & mini dress – Evening dress

I love to wear simple black dresses like this thin black version with long sleeves and combine different styles of pantyhose and tights to...
Leather pencil skirt & sequins top - Glamour outfit

Leather pencil skirt & sequins top – Glamour outfit

My glamour outfit shows my simple black leather pencil skirt in combination with a black sequin body, sheer tights and special velvet high heels...
VANESSA PUR - YouTube Channel - Patreon Girl - Instagram - Feminine elegant fashion looks always with high heels

Sequin Dress & Shiny Tights – Glamour Lookbook

I love to wear outfits like my black sequin dress for those evenings and as most of those dresses are pretty short I often...


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