Shopping – Where does Vanessa Pur buy her tights, leather pants and clothes?

[AFFILIATE LINKS] Where should I buy my tights and hosiery? Where does Vanessa Pur buy her tights, leather pants, dresses and clothes in general? What brands are your favorite brands? Where are your boots from? Where do you buy your pantyhose? Are these tights from a special brand? Which den are your stockings? What brand is your dress? What are these shoes and high heels called with the red bottoms?

Vanessa Pur in Leather pants and leather leggings with high heels and booties - Shopping Inspiration, Lookbook, Outfit Inspiration

Questions that I get asked a lot of times on my social media posts and on private messages. When it comes to brands, I often cannot answer your question due to the sponsoring problems and ad problems we have in Europe right now. Whenever a brand is mentioned I have to put “AD” in front of it and still it is not really clear if this is the right way to handle it. Even in private messages it is still an ad for a brand…

So maybe you got this link from me as an answer, because it is not as easy as I would love it to be. Right now I even do not use the matching hashtags like #wolford or #louboutin to explain my outfit on Instagram, to avoid putting „AD“ in front of every post, which is very bad for the Instagram account and follower growth.

To make the situation easier, I will post the links to my closet and my favorite items on this page, so you will find them and know which brands I like to most…

ATTENTION: Some of these links are AFFILIATE links and some go directly to the online shop of the brand… (Affiliate links mean, the price is for you the same, but I will receive a very small reward from the company, because I link to them and you help to let this blog grow.)

Tights, Pantyhose & Stockings

I wear a lot of tights and pantyhose and prefer them over stockings for my fashion outfits that I share on Instagram.

Wolford Neon 40 black (DE)- FAVORITE ITEM – (40den – on most pictures)
Wolford Neon 40 gobi skin-colored (DE) – FAVORITE ITEM – (40den – on most pictures)
Wolford Satin de Luxe black (DE) (80den – extreme black satin shine with back seam)
Wolford Satin touch gobi (DE) (20den – extreme shine and some see-though)
Wolford Perfectly 30 (DE) (30den – just a soft shine for perfect legs)
Wolford Individual 10 (DE) (10den – back seam pantyhose in black and sheer)
and many more Wolford tights, like you can see in my videos…
Cecilia de Rafael Tights (DE)(15den and 20den – nice shine with artificial light, but not the high class feeling like wearing my other tights)

I also have some Falke dotted tights (DE) and Kunert warm up 60 tights (DE), but most times I wear my Wolford collection, as the quality and feeling is perfect for me. In total I own approximately 300 different pair of tights…

I also wear stockings sometimes, but I will not share these pictures on Instagram right now – please visit my Patreon page for these intimate pictures. Maybe I will share some of these in the future also on Instagram – never say never…

Special advice: I always wear my hosiery gloves (DE), when I put on my tights. This helps not to destroy them with my long finger nails and sturdy skin.

Leather, Vinyl & Latex

I like the look of leather, vinyl and latex to combine theses materials with regular fashion items like blouses.

Leather leggings Wolford Estella (DE) – FAVORITE ITEM – (most times on my pictures)
Leather pants Hugo Boss (DE) (loose fit)
Leather dresses (DE) -> often from ZARA (just available for a short time)
Leather skirts (DE) -> often from ASOS and ZARA
Leather gloves (DE) -> often from Roeckl (DE) and Fernando Berlin

I prefer to wear fake-leather and pu-leather or pleather, as I like the stretchy material more than the smell of real leather. I do not like it so much, when leather clothes gets wider and become more comfortable, but also less sexy. Pleather is the best solution for a nice everyday look with a bit shine.

I also wear some vinyl clothes sometimes, but often they are also just available for a short time at Topshop, H&M, ZARA or in little online shops. Vinyl is not as comfortable as pleather, but the shine is really great for special events. If you want to avoid the noise of vinyl, you can use some bodylotion at the outside of the pants where the noise happens.

Vinyl pants (DE) – Topshop, H&M, ZARA
Vinyl skirt (DE) – Topshop, H&M, ZARA

If it should look even more smooth and special for a nice evening event and red carpet look I sometimes also select latex fashion, if possible just made-to-meassure items. Due to the shine that will only happen when using silicone oil, it is not as comfortable to wear latex clothes, as wearing vinyl clothes. Latex is also not as stretchy, as vinyl clothes, but this will give you a great silouette on pictures, but it is not really comfortable to wear for a long time.

Latex dressesAtsuko Kudo, Honour
Latex skirtsAtsuko Kudo, Honour

Tops, Dresses, Skirts & Blouses

I often find my clothes at diffrent stores, online shops and outlet center. Most itemes are also just available for a short time.

Blouses – Seidensticker (DE), van Laack (DE), s.Oliver (DE)
DressesWolford (DE), ZARA (DE), NA-KD, Ivy Revel (DE), Tommy Hilfiger, H&M, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Victorias Secret (old)
TopsWolford (DE), ZARA (DE), NA-KD, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo RL
Skirts – ZARA (DE), Michael Kors
CoatsHugo Boss (DE), Wellensteyn (DE), Minx (DE), van Laack

High Heels, Boots & Overknees

I am a huge fan of high heels and love to wear them as often as possible, as long as possible. I even love to cook in high heels to train my muscles for intense days with high heels and high heeled boots. I love the special designer high heels with the red sole by Christian Louboutin. Right now I own approximately 15 different pair and have also some other designers like Prada, MiuMiu and Jimmy Choo in my shoe closet. In total I own more than 100 pair of high heeled shoes. I prefer the vinyl shine over leather look…

Christian Louboutin – So Kate (US) – FAVORITE ITEM
Christian Louboutin – Degraspike
Christian Louboutin – Decollete 868
Christian Louboutin – So Kate Specchio
Christian Louboutin – Harler
Christian Louboutin – Simple Pump nude
Christian Louboutin – Empiraltissima
Christian Louboutin – Pigalle Follies Python Scarabee
Christian Louboutin – Moulage Booties
Christian Louboutin – Last Empress
Christian Louboutin – Iriza Glitter Chain
Christian Louboutin – Filo

To give the red sole the red back, I will use Save your Sole (DE) from time to time. It protects the leather sole also and gives a nice refresh/retouche.

I buy most of my Louboutins directly at the Christian Louboutin online store, but also found some of my high heels at Net a Porter, Saks Fifth Avenue, Luisa via Roma and in CL Stores in Miami and New York.

During fall and winter season I also love to wear booties and boots, as well as overknee boots. I prefer to wear black or grey overknee boots, but always black when selecting leather boots.

Black Thigh High Leather Boots – Fernando Berlin
Black overknee boots – NA-KD
Grey overknee boots – Buffalo
Black knee high boots – Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Guess, Mai Pui Senza
Booties – Mai Pui Senza, Buffalo, Fersengold, Versace

Handbags, Sunglasses & Scarfs

I do not have a big crush on handbags in general, but I do love my LV bag. I often used different Michael Kors handbags and decided now for my LV bag. More important to me are my scarfs to protect my tiny neck in the cold season and while sitting in rooms or trains with air condition. I love to wear sunglasses from Dior, Prada and Chanel, as I love the styles.

Louis Vuitton Speedy 35
Louis Vuitton Denim Scarf
Frey Wille Scarf
Prada Sunglasses
Dior Sunglasses
Chanel Sunglasses

In general

I love to buy outfits that are easy to combine, last very long and are very comfortable – a wool dress is much more comfortable to travel than a denim jeans. I only wear sneakers for sports and sportive outdoor walks and travelling. I do not wear a lot of jewelry (most times Swarovski and Thomas Sabo), but I am in love with my Apple Watch (DE). I try to keep my colors simple, as I prefer to wear black, white, red, grey, pink and blue colors.

When I travel, I love to travel with my Rimowa (Limbo Multiwheel E tag 81 (DE)) because I am having a lot of technic equipment (huge soft box light, gimbal, cameras, lenses, sound, tripod,… ) in my luggage also. My favorite beauty brands right now are MAC Cosmetics and Chanel. For my hair I trust the team of Melina Best Friseure in Cologne right now.

My main affiliate links, if you want to support me while shopping:
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I hope this list will help you find your favorite item and gives you a bit more information about me and my style. I will also add some of my lastest shopping haul videos, if you still like to get more information and try-on hauls.