Shiny mini skirt bum & long boots

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I love this mini skirt or should I call it micro-skirt? It’s really short and the reflection is fantastic… but you better don’t think about sitting in that look. The perfect add on to make this look extra-sexy are thigh high leather boots with a soft shine, a white semi-transparent blouse or a satin blouse and definitely red lips and long and sharp red nails… A special add on – long hair… some call it VAMP-Style – some call it DIVA-Style

But it’s still a very soft style for me and I already uploaded much hotter looks and videos for my Patrons – e.g. with transparent items, latex or leather pencil skirts and vinyl boots

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I really love to show these hot and really sexy looks to my Patrons, but often it is impossible to show them on public networks – so close-ups of shoes or feet, dangling, strict commands or special camera views are only possible on my Patreon page.

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Right now it’s time to show you my newest high heels with a soft 20den pantyhose, close-ups of my toes and with a very sexy look – I’m sure my Patrons will love that video…

Yesterday you got the chance to see me in a videoclip with one of my favorite latex dresses and pantyhoses, plus three additional updates – so a real special package for you and today you get

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