Sheer black tights & feather mini dress

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Weekend mood – Evening dress – a few feathers, a 20den pantyhose and red high heels… Easy and elegant and perfect for a wonderful weekend. I might go out a little bit – but will also watch the NFL Playoffs 2020. Unfortunately my team lost in WildCard Round, so I have to find a new favorite team for the next weeks… 🔥 … and you might saw my little Instagram messages about my future plans of these channels – and yes I will also return to Instagram – but also start with WEIBO for my followers from China… so be prepared…

But if you want to see the full look with vinyl today and a lot more details, check out my LENS Stories at Patreon, where you can get nearly every day new videos and uploads… I simply love creating this hotter content for my PURfamily and share nearly every day 3-4 exclusive and hot updates including lingerie, latex and leather.

I received the question about the videos at Patreon if there is a difference between my YouTube clips and the Patreon clips – yes there is a huge difference – because you get a lot more close-ups incl. pantyhose and stockings, lingerie and also latex and leather fashion – most clips I cannot share on YouTube… plus my Patrons always get every outfit first … so spend the weekend together with me and become part of my wonderful PURfamily.

Later this week I will also upload the next YouTube video and also explain a bit why I reduced the Instagram-activity, the YouTube activity and what will change in the next weeks and where you find my nearly daily videos… So have a great weekend and thank you for subscribing to my YouTube channel… ❤️

So if you also want to take a look on my Instagram activities – I will upload new content (you might already saw first on my blog) also on my two channels – Vanessa.Pur and Vanessa_Pur_Official – The Channel VanessaPurCom is only a backup channel … all other channels mentioning my name are FAKE.

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