Satin mini skirt & shiny pantyhose – indoor weekend style

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Time to share the next look from my archive with you – but I really liked this look. You might discover the box with the first packages of calendars on the left side – but this look might also be perfect for dinner or movies in the future.

My pantyhose (German page / International page)
My blouse (German page / International page)
My shoes

Right now I’m editing nearly 700 photos for the next weeks and selected a cozy look after doing my daily fitness routines.

One of the small advantages when sitting in your home office in Munich is, that you can check a lot of content you found on your smartphone and hard-drives during the last months and remember beautiful looks.

I also shared one look on my YouTube-stories today – taken a few weeks ago. Just subscribe to my YouTube channel and you get notifications about new video stories or also new videos directly on your smartphone.

I think, my smartphone never got so many new folders with photos and videos I took weeks and month ago and I still want to share with you – so be prepared to find one or more updates per day…

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Wishing you all a great Saturday evening at home and please stay safe! ♥️