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YouTube is one of my favorite Apps and right now the best place to upload my videos. I love to share my outfits and my way of living with my lovely YouTube subscribers. I try to create different videos with different topics, but I know, that many of my subscribers just like to watch specific topics and preferences. So today I like to show you my different playlists on YouTube.




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YouTube is one of my favorite Apps and right now the best place to upload my videos. I love to share my outfits and my way of living with my lovely YouTube subscribers. I try to create different videos with different topics, but I know, that many of my subscribers just like to watch specific topics and preferences. So today I like to show you my different playlists on YouTube.

I think, that playlists on YouTube are in general a great way to discover new YouTubers based on a special interest. YouTube just stopped to offer “Related Channels” on user profiles to find similar people. So right now you will just find new channels by browsing and searching for your main interest. I love to discover new channels by watching playlists. But did you know, that you can also just follow a playlist instead of a complete channel?

Favorite & popular videos of Vanessa Pur

So the first playlist I like to share with you are my most watched videos in English language. As I started my channel in German language, my top videos with two million views are in German language, but on this playlist I selected just my most popular videos in English language.

Outfit Suggestions & Favorites | Best of Pantyhose, High Heels & Boots – Vanessa Pur Outfits

I love to give you my styling tips and what kind of combinations I love to wear for different events or seasons or mood. I will explain a bit more and will show you my look in total. On this playlist you will see me wearing pantyhose, high heels, boots and leather outfits.

Shopping Hauls – Try on hauls | Louboutin, Wolford, PLT, NA-KD, Zara, H&M & Outfit Inspirations

Shopping new outfits in the city oder in different online shops and showing you the results in my shopping haul videos is one of my favorite video category. In this YouTube playlist you will find my shopping hauls and try on hauls from shopping at Louboutin, Wolford, Pretty Little Thing, NA-KD, Zara, H&M and much more. Enjoy my new outfits and outfit inspirations!

Stockings, Tights & Pantyhose | Outfits, Lookbooks & OOTD Looks

My playlist to share my different stockings outfits, tights looks and pantyhose OOTD with you. My stylings and outfit combinations to wear elegant nylons and hosiery with my dresses, skirts and shorts. I love to wear my Christian Louboutin high heels with the typical red bottoms when I wear my pantyhose.

Leather Pants, Vinyl Pants, Latex Leggings, Leather leggings – Vanessa Pur Lookbooks

A separate playlist for all my looks and outfits with leather pants, vinyl pants and latex leggings. I love to share my casual and hot leather outfits with my leather leggings and tight pants for a shiny bum. Provocative and every day stylings with my tips to style your shiny pants or leggings.

Unboxing & Try-on | Shopping & Family Parcels – Vanessa Pur Unpacking

Similar to my shopping haul playlist I also have a special playlist for all my unboxing videos. Often it is also a try-on video, because in my family parcels are always some of my older clothes. In my regular unboxing and unpacking videos you will also find some of my new tech equipments or special parcels from brands, friends and fans.

How to style leather? How to wear leather? My lookbooks

A playlist just for my leather lovers. I will show you my way to wear leather in an elegant and hot way. I love leather skirts, leather dresses, leather pants and leather leggings but also leather hot pants and leather shorts. I prefer fake leather or faux leather as I love the fit and shine on those outfits. Leather is the best material for me to combine my business shirts and many different tights and pantyhose.

How to style otk boots? How to wear otk boots? My lookbooks

The perfect playlist for all boots lover, as you will find my best videos with otk boots. I will tell you more about my favorite combinations and when I love to wear my leather over the knee boots. Black thigh high boots out of leather of vinyl are my favorite ones, but I will also show you my alternatives for different situations.

How to style pantyhose? How to wear pantyhose? My lookbooks

Definitely my favorite videos are my videos when I wear pantyhose. It makes your legs look so beautiful and perfect not matter how you style and combine them. I will explain more about my favorite lookbooks and outfits while wearing a pantyhose.

How to wear high heels? My lookbooks walking in high heels | Louboutins

I really love my high heels collection and have a big crush on my designer shoes from Christian Louboutin. I will explain more about my experience with walking in high heels and try to give some tips about how it can be comfortable wearing high heels. So this is my playlist for all high heels lover.

Vanessa Pur Official – Leather Outfits, Leather Dress, Leather Boots

My playlist for all leather lovers, as I will show you my favorite stylings and outfits with my leather clothes. Leather outfits with leather dresses, leather skirts, leather shorts, leather pants, leather legging and leather boots. I have some real leather items, but also many faux leather clothes.

Vanessa Pur Official – Pantyhose, Tights, Stockings, Hosiery, Nylons

Playlist with my favorite pantyhose, tights and stockings on my legs. I will show you my outfits in combination with beautiful hosiery and high heels. More videos and pictures of my stockings and stay-up outfits you will find on my Patreon page.

Vanessa Pur Official – Boots, OTK Boots, Thigh High Boots, Knee High Boots, Ankle Boots, Booties

The official playlist of Vanessa Pur wearing boots like over the knee boots, but also knee high boots or ankle boots and booties. I love to share my favorite boots outfits for fall and winter, but also for spring and summer time. My favorite looks with boots on my legs.

Vanessa Pur Styling Tips – for elegant and sexy fashion outfits

My playlist for my own Vanessa Pur styling tips how to put the focus on your legs and what kind of clothes and outfits I prefer to wear for different situations. My style is always very feminine, sexy and elegant at the same time to make everyday special. I will also show you, how I select my outfits for a quick change from a daytime to a night and party look.

Vanessa Pur Playlist – Official Playlists of Vanessa Pur in English language

One of the playlists, that you can never go wrong with is my general playlist for most of my videos. You will find most of my videos in English language also on this playlist. I will always try to create new and entertaining videos on YouTube and hope that you enjoy watching my videos.

These were my or even your favorite playlists from my Youtube channel. Thank you for being a follower of my playlists or even better, being a follower and subscriber on my channel vpureglam. I appreciate your support and every like and nice comment, that I will read from you. I hope that my channel will grow even bigger in the future and I cannot wait to share more and more video with you.

Please also make sure to hit the little notification bell to get an information by YouTube, when a new video of me is online. This will help a lot, as sometimes you might miss a video, as YouTube sometimes will not show it.

If you have ideas for more videos or playlists, you can suggest it as a comment under my latest video. If you are looking for content, that is not possible on Youtube because of their high NSFW standards, you might already find it on my Patreon page. Rights now you will find content like lingerie, stockings, detailed hosed feet, hosed bum, latex clothes, mistress styles, secretary styles and more hot angles or hot poses only on Patreon.

Thank you for your support, Vanessa ❤️





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