Overknee Boots & Striped Shirt Dress – Classy Daytime Lookbook

Sometimes you just want to wear a classy outfit during the day which fits perfect to the season and gives you comfort, but also the feminine look you like to wear. During the last warm fall days I selected one of my favorite styles.




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I just love to wear boots when the weather gets colder. This time I found some new elegant black boots with a faux velvet finish at NA-KD. These boots do not make your legs look bigger than they are, which some boots definitely do. I really enjoy the soft and stretchy material combined to a 11cm or 4.3in heel.

VANESSA PUR - YouTube Channel - Patreon Girl - Instagram - Feminine elegant fashion looks always with high heels

Classy Daytime Lookbook

These overknee boots are really slim and do look extra feminine because of the pointed toe and stiletto heel. The perfect design if you like to look elegant and classy while wearing boots.

I really enjoy to combine some sheer tights (German Store) with my boots – they keep me a bit warm and complete the elegant look, that I am always looking for. Wearing tights always feels better for me than wearing boots directly on the skin.

VANESSA PUR - YouTube Channel - Patreon Girl - Instagram - Feminine elegant fashion looks always with high heels

Overknee Boots & Striped Shirt Dress

Due to the fact, that I often have different meetings during the day, I need an outfit, that works for the breakfast meeting as well as for the afternoon tea time. I need a cozy style, in which you feel powerful, elegant and classy.

This fall I fell in love with my striped shirt dress. The dress can be tied at the waist, which gives this look the perfect curves instead of just an oversized shirt. I love how tight this dress is, although you feel very secure and comfortable in it.

VANESSA PUR - YouTube Channel - Patreon Girl - Instagram - Feminine elegant fashion looks always with high heels

The collared neckline combined with long sleeves and a button cuff just looks perfect for business meetings. The midi length gives enough protection not to show too much leg, especially while sitting, but the buttons down in the front will give you the opportunity to show more leg or more cleavage in the evening.

Maybe you all know how much I love to wear white blouses and shirts for my business meetings, as they are so easy to combine and easy to change from serious to sexy, during summer and winter time. So this dress is also a great choice to wear if I want to look nice, but also very classy for different meetings.

These pictures were made during my stay at the Hyatt Düsseldorf. One of the best locations for pictures and one of my favorite hotels in Germany. The silver building is called “Pebbles” and is an event location of the restaurant below. The stairs are famous during summer time for their after-work-parties. I just love to be in Düsseldorf, as it is the place were I grew up.

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