Louboutin over the knee boots & leather dress

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Just a little motivation for all of you – one of your favorite outfits – thigh high boots with a red sole and a blue leather dress and I also love this combination. This leather dress is really special and boots with a red sole makes it exclusive… I just saw another pair of boots by Christian Louboutin and I think I have to order it… ūüėČ

In the next days my Patrons also got another boots video – this time with clear boots. I saw them a few weeks and they look special… the reflection of a boots on my legs, but also everything visible and perfect to combine with or without a pantyhose including feet and toes… so a real special outfit and I’m sure my Patrons will love it… ūüėė

Today my Patrons will get additional four new updates including:

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After the following updates on the last 48 hours… so a lot of special photos and videos for all of you…

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During the next days I might also upload another video on my YouTube channel and I might introduce a few boots to you – or my new high heels… don’t miss it… ‚ô•ÔłŹ