Long tan legs in pantyhose – red dress outfit

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The perfect outfit for a nice dinner, a special event or visiting a cinema. This was my look a few weeks ago, when I went out in Munich… so I hope you like this look… 🔥 More about my pantyhose (German store / International store)

I’m still speechless about the tons of comments on YouTube, Instagram and Patreon about the current situation and I really like that you tell me, that you also stay at home and take care on your family and your loved ones.

I’m thankful for everyone who is helping each other – you are so special 🔥.

In the next 48 hours you will find a new extended video on my YouTube channel (about 16-18 minutes) with a few new over the knee boots… a special try-on and boots shopping haul video. So be prepared and enable notifications on YouTube to get a message, when the new video is online!

I also try to upload a minimum of one daily pic from my archive to Instagram on my backup-channel – @vanessa_pur_official – so just check out these updates and from time to time also my Instagram-Stories…

I hope to bring you a little smile or distraction during these days with my updates and messages.

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During the next days I try to work on a few changes of the layout, edit the YouTube videos and also uploading new videos for my Patrons.

Yesterday I already launched another video for all lovers of feets in tights, soles and much more and I’m sure a new video will also be online in the next hours.

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Have a great Tuesday and stay safe!