Long legs in black tights – just a bit of secretary style

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I know you all love secretary styles and female boss styles and I really love the mixture of combinations – from good-girl to bad-girl – from friendly secretary to powerful Lady boss and my pages gives me so many opportunities. If you want to see my special secretary look today – just check out my Instagram stories or for much more scenes and close-ups, my LENS video stories.

During the next weeks, I will upload again a lot of new looks with white blouses – high waist or ultra short mini skirts and a lot of pantyhose pictures in black, but also in different colors and styles. But I also like to upload much more photos with lingerie and stockings, garter belts and bras – but these hot moments are available only on my Patreon page.

So if you love the mixture from soft to extreme – from nice girl to strict Misst… – you have to check out all the updates on my Patreon page and I’m sure you will love them. Just received a message about a message that a special and hot fashion item is shipped to me and will arrive during the week – so I will create a special video for my Patreon till the end of the week… Don’t miss it – it will look really hot.

… and if you love leather pants or leather leggings – you find tons of updates also on my Patreon page…. I really love to wear leather dresses, leather corsets and also leather skirts… so take a look

Later today you find the next video online – this time with a real leather pants and my high heels… yesterday’s video with my vinyl skirt and black cleavage top was restricted by YouTube ūüĒ• – so today a softer version for YouTube and the hotter and more sexy version for Patreon ūüĒ•

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