Leather fashion look with boots – leather ultra mini skirt

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Let’s wear some leather for you today and a summer style top… okay it’s a bit too cold outside (this night -2°C) so more an indoor look – but it is so important right now that you stay inside – just with your family and reduce all social contacts completely.

Use Facetime, Skype or WhatsApp and iMessage to stay in contact with your loved ones and frequently wash your hands for a minimum of 20-30 seconds… and then hopefully we can all enjoy summer again outside… So please stay safe and healthy!

I know you all love my long red finger nails, my leather boots and a short leather skirt with a full-zipper and you can start imaging this look without the skirt… 🔥

Or I should think about a special summer look – just vinyl boots and vinyl bikini… I have so many ideas for photos outside – but first I will stay inside!

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Let’s spend the weekend together and welcome to my PURfamily – join me today and you can immediately access to all the wonderful things… Have a great Saturday and stay safe!