Leather dress, long nails and over the knee boots

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Happy February! Time to change the calendar sheets and starting with two very special photos on my calendars 2020 – one with stockings and corset – the XXL calendar just with a bit of nylon catsuit (and nothing else)… so a real special photo and for sure one of the reasons why the XL/Pro version is nearly sold out. Both copies (regular or XL/Pro) will be shipped worldwide – so a real special item for my wonderful fans.

If you want to see the full collection from this photo-shooting (and video recording) join my PURfamily at Patreon where I showed the new pics also in a short video clip (LENS stories). I cannot believe to celebrate February already with my Patrons and might share my special look tomorrow evening also with my Patrons on my LENS stories. So join the community and have fun.

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You might saw the last days also that I asked my Patrons, what they like to see next on my Patreon page – and it is a mixture of boots, pantyhose, stockings, lingerie, latex and leather – but also some special looks and styles – so I will upload more than 100 new postings in February and a total of approx. 400 exclusively produced photos plus tons of videos to my Patreon community… again a very wonderful month is ahead of us – and I’m starting to think about a Patreon-meet-and-greet… 😘

… and I started to upload also a few videos on TikTok and the new BYTE App – if you remember VINE via Twitter, you also love BYTE – short interesting clips and I will start to share some looks with you… – so feel free to follow me at TIKTOK @Vanessa.Pur and BYTE @VANESSAPUR

During the next days I will also upload the next YouTube video, but this weekend is reserved for my Patrons and all their new postings and on Sunday evening – SUPERBOWL… Have a great Saturday and thank you for being part of my community… ❤️


Time to wear my #boots again ❤️ #leatherboots 😘 Thank you for following 😊

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