Leather dress, cleavage & thigh high boots

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Finally the blue leather dress is back – combined again with my black satin over the knee boots by Christian Louboutin. I know you really loved this look (depending on your feedback, likes, comments, etc.) – so I wanted to start the weekend with a special “Fashion of Boots Photo of the day” to enlighten your day … and with red long finger nails…

If you want to see my new nail color after the manicure yesterday, check out today’s LENS stories on my Patreon story and I’m already thinking about a real special style in March. I saw the first photos and it looks amazing… So you might get a special long finger nails video in the near future.

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Fresh content for the weekend is already prepared and it seems that I upload 9 (!!) new postings on my Patreon page including:

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Just a few examples of the upcoming updates – my nearly 60 new photos and new videos. Currently I’m uploading six new videos to my Patreon page and they will be online during the next days.

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Thank you for all your messages about my new calendar 2020 and the bundle of the XL/Pro version with my regular (a bit softer) calendar… I think I will sign the final copies of the XL/Pro version within the next days and then the large calendar with my in a Nylon Catsuit without … – is SOLD OUT… You can order the final copies directly via email – 2020@vanessapur.com

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Tomorrow is video day – I will start with the next try-on-haul for YouTube and some news I want to share with you – so don’t miss my video and photo updates and RING THE BELL to get notifications… Enjoy your Saturday – see you tomorrow… ❤️