Vanessa Pur Official Instagram account and channel for posting pictures, videos, IGTV and stories during her everyday life. What is the official Instagram channel of blogger, YouTuber and model Vanessa Pur? Which name has Vanessa Pur on Instagram? Where can I follow Vanessa Pur on Instagram? I can't find Vanessa Pur on Instagram, has her account been deleted?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks to share moments and information with your followers and fans. One of the reasons why I also try to connect and share on this special app. I met and connected with so many people in my life, that Instagram became a daily routine and I also attended some Instawalks in the past.

I started my first Instagram account in 2012 as an add-on to my lifestyle blog @pureglamtv and started with posting travel pictures, which was the main topic on my blog. Time passes and my content on the blog and on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler, Flickr, Google+ and co started to change and and I was more present in my pictures.


Why so many Instagram accounts, Vanessa Pur?

I slowly started to separate the different topics I had, as the combination of my travel pictures and fashion pictures was difficult to combine. There was a time, where I had many different accounts e.g. @pureglamtv & for my blog content and cooperations, @puretraveltv @vanessapurworld and @vanessapurtravels for my travel moments, @purefoodtv for my food events and restaurant tips but also different accounts for my fashion lookbooks.

As my fashion outfits has also different groups of people, that love specific looks and stylings, I also started to have different accounts for my lookbooks and ootd. One account for my pantyhose, tights and high heels styles in professional photo quality at @vanessa.pur, but also an account for the same content, but daily mirror selfies at home with my classy style at @vanessapurcom. I also started an account at for my leather, latex and boots lovers, as especially people who love to see otk boots on legs are not the same as people that love to see shiny and sheer tights on long legs.

So all my different styles were online on my different accounts to share my feminine styles and outfits, wearing #blackpantyhose, #sheerpantyhose, #sheers, #shinytights, #nylons, #blacktights, #pantyhose, #leatherboots, #thighhighboots, #leatheroverkneeboots, #overkneeboots, #otkboots and #overknees.

In my pictures I try to show hot content and my long legs, as I always received most compliments for my #longlegs, #shinylegs and feminine legs or #pantyhoselegs. My poses are definitely sometimes a bit more sexy, but I will show no nudity on my pictures, as I still believe, that this content is not made for social media.

My really hot pictures and content, that I believe is more private and should just be shared with a few people, you will find on my Patreon page. You will find new and exclusive pictures and more details and close-ups or hotter poses or even more sexy combinations and strict outfits or really private moments, but still no nudity – also not on the special vip account for my Patrons at @vanessapurvip.

Instagram Algorithm & Problems of success on Instagram

So the Secret of Instagram is to be most specific in one topic and focus on your follower group, post daily, be active but not over-active and follow the Instagram guidelines. Once you found your spot on Instagram you will start getting successful with your account and you can easily get about 1000 real new followers per day.

If you have many accounts this could be a lot of work and you need a lot of content to share. The algorithm forces you to constantly add new content – every day – and interact with followers and your subscriptions to other accounts.

But if you are too successful on Instagram, it can happen, that your account can be deactivated and deleted by Instagram without any warning. You do not get strikes like on other networks, that explain you, what you did wrong and to get the chance to avoid it the next time.

Even if you do not show nudity, if you just post your own pictures, if you are nice to everybody, if you care about a nice environment and try to entertain your followers with interesting pictures – your account can be deleted without a reason, like it just happened to my 200.000 follower account @vanessa.pur.

Instagram has also the power to put a shadow ban on your account, so your pictures will not be seen in any hashtag group and your account will not be suggested to others. Your Instagram account will become a ghost, that’s why they call it ghosting. Instagram can also block your smartphone to post pictures or block it to log in to your account or even to install the Instagram app – without any reason or explanation.


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Official Instagram account of Vanessa Pur

Right now you will find two official accounts  of me on Instagram at @vanessa.pur and @vanessa_pur_official – I will share different pictures, videos and maybe also live chat moments on both channels. I still believe that Instagram is very important to many of my followers. So please follow both accounts, if you like to get daily updates and pictures of me on Instagram.

As a creator you don’t get money for posting pictures on Instagram unless you have some good cooperations – so for me I prefer to share content with my supporters instead of selling me and my audience.

Thank you for everybody who will follow me on Instagram, for every nice comment you write and for every like you give on my pictures. I will try to upload many pictures of my style and my favorite high heels and boots collection. You will see some new pictures, but also some of my favorite pictures and styles.

Thank you for being part of my journey…


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Still problems seeing some Instagram profiles or stories? If you cannot get access to some profiles, you may have been blocked by the owner. Sometimes it is because of a selfish comment or because you were not nice to the creator. Sometimes you may be blocked to keep you from watching somebodies stories, but you can still see regular pictures. Often accounts are also just inactive or deactivated by the user to give it a break to be creative again…

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