There were several reasons for me to wear my elegant white wool dress combined with tights and high heels during the last days. I will explain why I just love this wool dress during fall or autumn season as well as in the winter months combined with boots.

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Elegant white wool dress as business dress

During my daytime I often have different meetings. As I’m known for my feminine outfits and stylings I often love to wear skirts and dresses during my meetings. My wool dress is just perfect for business meetings these days because you just feel very comfortable and great dressed in it. The length of the dress is just perfect, as you can sit with it and it is still not too short.

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My wool dress is a white dress, which is perfect if you want to look serious but also friendly. When you wear a black dress it often looks a bit more strict and hard, as wearing white always looks nicer to people that do not know you for a long time.

© VanessaPur - Luxury and Lifestyle blog - Feminine styling - tights and minidress

White wool dress with turtle neck

I just love the feeling of this cozy wool dress, as it keeps me warm during these days. When I wear my dress with this high turtleneck, I do not wear a scarf with it, which makes it even more clean. I would wear a nice leather belt with it, but I am still searching for the right belt, that looks like I want it to.

© VanessaPur - Luxury and Lifestyle blog - Feminine styling - tights and minidress

Wool dress combined with shiny tights and high heels

As this dress is out of wool, I always love to combine it with some shiny tights. I like to contrast this shiny material with this cozy material. When I wear my white wool dress, I like to select my tan tights. I also have this dress in black, where I love to combine both, tan tights and black tights, depending on my mood.

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During winter time I love to wear some boots with my warm dresses, but right now the weather is perfect for my favorite high heels. More about my favorite clothes can be found on my new shopping page on my blog.


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