Christian Louboutin Satin over the knee boots – Montana 120

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New over the knee boots – and I’m totally in love with them – delivered within 24 hours and they fit perfect! You might have seen these boots already on my YouTube video with an exclusive try-on and shopping haul… and I’m sure, I’ll order more over the knee boots in the next weeks… I just saw a wonderful pair and you will also love it… but first I will produce exclusive try-on videos with a lot of close-ups of feet and pantyhose always for my Patreons.

These videos show a lot more cleavage, bum and also feet, plus lingerie – so all the things I cannot show on YouTube without restrictions – and all with a very personal touch. If you love my YouTube videos and photos you will definitely love all the 60+ Patreon-videos and nearly every week I upload 2-4 new videos… So have a look…

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On my YouTube channel I will start the week with a special video including a very short vinyl mini-skirt, long legs and cleavage. So if you are a subscriber of my YouTube channel, RING THE BELL, to get notifications – and you won’t miss any further update… Thank you for all your support… ❤️

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