Vanessa Pur Calendar 2020 - regular and PRO/XL version - outfits with stockings, leather, corset, latex, over the knee boots, lingerie, nylon and much more - exclusive and limited edition - worldwide shipping

Vanessa Pur Calendar 2020

Pantyhose, High Heels, Stockings, Lingerie, Latex, Leather, Over-the-knee-boots, Corset and much more - just a few examples of my outfits on my new Vanessa...
Vanessa Pur - YouTuber - Vlogger - love to wear pantyhose, stockings, leather, latex and all sexy looks - Love to be a woman - love to be a lady - High Heels lover

Playlist on my YouTube channel – Vanessa Pur

YouTube is one of my favorite Apps and right now the best place to upload my videos. I love to share my outfits and...
Vanessa Pur free wallpaper for desktop and smartphone - free download - long legs - pantyhose high heels and leather pants

Wallpaper for your desktop and smartphone

Where can I get a free wallpaper for my desktop or smartphone? Who offers hot wallpaper for download? Is there a wallpaper of fashion...

New pages on Vanessa Pur website

I love to share many information about me and my styles and outfits on my web site. Starting 2010 with my first travel blog,...
Official Instagram profiles of Vanessa Pur - Favorite photos in tights, pantyhose, leather, latex and overtheknee boots - hot looks with lingerie

Instagram profile of Vanessa Pur @vanessa.pur and @vanessa_pur_official

Instagram is the place, where I love to share many pictures of my outfits wearing pantyhose, tights, short skirts, leather outfits, boots and of...
Vanessa Pur Instagram Profile - what to do when profile deleted - new Instagram profile of Vanessa.Pur

What to do if Instagram deleted your profile?

Instagram deleted your account? Instagram blocked you from using the app or from login into your account? It happened to me and I love...

Join my next LIVECHAT video session on December 14th

Again it is time for the next livechat video session to get as close as meeting me for real. Join me on a Friday...
Vanessa Pur Calendar 2019 - Hosiery - Leather - High Heels

LIMITED | Vanessa Pur Calendar 2019 – Stockings, High Heels, Boots, Leather

I am so proud to finally tell you more about my limited Vanessa Pur Calendar 2019. It started with a simple question and now...
Calendar 2019 - Fashion - Lingerie - Pantyhose - Tights and sexy looks^Calendar 2019 - Fashion - Lingerie - Pantyhose - Tights and sexy looks

Vanessa Pur Calendar 2019 – Fashion Calendar

My lovely followers asked me, if I could create a wall calendar this year with my best fashion pictures from my blog and from...


YouTube Channel of Vanessa Pur


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