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    Vanessa Pur Patreon Page - Exclusive VIP Page with lingerie, latex, leather, overknee, femdom, strict, pantyhose, hosed feet, dangling and exclusive and hot videos

    What is Patreon?

    How does Patreon work? What can I expect at Patreon? Why do so many creators and models use Patreon? What is Patreon? Is Patreon like crowdfunding? What kind of content will be at Patreon? So many questions, that I received during the last weeks concerning my own Patreon account and Patreon page. Why did I start with Patreon? What do I share on Patreon, that I will not share on other networks? Was it a good decision? Time to explain a bit more about my Patreon page…

    Why does Vanessa Pur have Patreon? How did it start?

    I started my Patreon page in April 2018 when YouTube followers asked me several times if there will be some kind of special area just for extreme fans. An area, where they can be surrounded by other loyal fans and can show their respect and support for the work I put in my YouTube videos.

    Those followers always asked for a „Patreon page“ so I just created my page and started with some pictures and created my first tiers on Patreon.

    To be honest, I was very skeptic in the beginning, but after the first followers (or as you now call them „Patrons“) subscribed and were also happy for this special place, I really started to change a lot in my daily routine.

    I wanted to share special moments, special pictures and special videos with a limited number of fans instead of all my 200.000 followers in different networks. While I share selected content on Instagram stories, I can now share additional content on my Patreon page with much details and close-ups.

    This new feeling of freedom, doing what I want to do, showing what I want to show instead of thinking about the algorithm at different social media platforms, was just a completely new experience for me. So much more energy to concentrate on what I love and what I love to try.

    • What is Patreon? It is like a crowdfunding or membership to support a creator you love.
    • What content will I see? I will share many pictures and videos, some very rare and exclusive, some just for a short time and give you the opportunity for attending my live chats.
    • Will there be nudity? No, not on my page, but you will get more pictures, hotter poses and more detailed shots.
    • How much does it cost? It depends on the tier you select, but it starts with 5 USD to support my work.
    • How can I pay? You can pay with PayPal or Credit Card.
    • Why don’t you offer everything for free? I love the freedom that my supporting fans give me. I can try new stuff and share special moments, like a live chat. I want to give something special back to those fans in exchange for their support and trust in me and my projects. I do not want to add product placements to every pic on Instagram or YouTube, as many other creators have to do...
    • Will you just post paid content in the future? No, I will always post regular soft content, just special content and NSFW content will be on Patreon only.

    How does Patreon work? How can I pay at Patreon?

    It works like crowdfunding. You select your level or tier at Patreon and support the creator while pledging a specific amount to them. As a „Thank you“ for your support creators give you something back, like special content. Every creator is different and offers different tiers and different content.

    You can pay with your credit card or PayPal right now. Please make sure, that the amount will not be blocked on your credit card, because the charge will often be from a different country and some credit card institutions may block the amount. Most people recommend using PayPal at Patreon.

    The amount will always be charged at the first of each month, but you can always cancel your membership and get access to your paid tier until the end of current month. When you are a new subscriber, the amount will be charged directly after joining.

    Patreon Page of Vanessa Pur - Preview with lingerie, latex, vinyl and pantyhose/tights - also Mistress Style - Fetish and OTK-Bootks Patreon Page of Vanessa Pur - Preview with lingerie, latex, vinyl and pantyhose/tights - also Mistress Style - Fetish and OTK-Bootks Patreon Page of Vanessa Pur - Preview with lingerie, latex, vinyl and pantyhose/tights - also Mistress Style - Fetish and OTK-Bootks Patreon Page of Vanessa Pur - Preview with lingerie, latex, vinyl and pantyhose/tights - also Mistress Style - Fetish and OTK-Bootks Patreon Page of Vanessa Pur - Preview with lingerie, latex, vinyl and pantyhose/tights - also Mistress Style - Fetish and OTK-Bootks Patreon Page of Vanessa Pur - Preview with lingerie, latex, vinyl and pantyhose/tights - also Mistress Style - Fetish and OTK-Bootks

    What content do I find on the Patreon page of Vanessa Pur?

    On my Vanessa Pur Patreon page I offer different tiers to join with different content. I offer LENS stories, which is the same like Instagram Stories, for my Patrons to get direct impressions of my outfit or video productions and details I would not share on Instagram e.g. hosed feet, dangling, etc.

    You will see many pictures, that have never been published anywhere else, so you also have the option to see full picture sets in high quality instead of some „soft“ pictures in low resolution on social media. Some pictures were just too hot or powerful to share them with everybody on a normal social media platform or blog, so Patreon was the best place for me to share those special moments.

    I just love to play with my feminine looks and style with many tights, leather, vinyl and latex. I love to try new ideas for pictures and different camera angles. You will not see any nudity on my profile, but there will be some more hot poses for you and followers (or patrons) often call it “too hot to sleep now” 🙂

    You will also get access to many different videos. Some of those videos were too hot for YouTube, so I was really happy to put my limited videos on my new Patreon area. I also produce „Patreon only videos“ in 4K and give you more behind-the-scenes and personal moments, as well as some more detailed shots to enjoy them.

    I will always try new ideas, looks and ways to get in contact with my followers on Patreon. I just started to offer more content also for my lower tiers and fans, like mirror selfies and special private moments. I am already thinking about picture sets like polaroids or a calendar to ship it directly to my loyal followers or a very private and exclusive Instagram account…

    I also just started with my first live chat session to get in direct contact with my followers. You will directly get to know me the way I am. I can answer your questions directly and there is also a possibility to record special answers for fans, that want to watch the answer later or the complete live stream, as didn’t made it in time. I am still a bit flashed by the positive reactions of my attendees of the last live chat.

    I was posting my blogposts, my picture galleries, my video look books, my private thoughts and my social media posts on different free platforms over the last ten years. I always loved to share my experiences and tried to do as little advertising as possible and only with brands, that I trusted and believed in at that moment. With every post I shared I always had my cooperation partner in my mind, what they might think about it and if I can post the content I wanted to post or not. As I am always overthinking everything, it kind of blocked me in my creativity.

    During the years from where I started, the number of followers grew and people started to recognize me in public, which is still very confusing for me. I never wanted to be a model or an influencer or a famous person – I just wanted to share my passion and have fun with my „female fashion style“.

    Thanks to Patreon it is now possible to have a limited number of fans and supporters around me with an intense contact and also some kind of influence on my content, instead of posting my content just for getting a higher number of followers on my different social media channels.

    Everybody who knows me know that I am a humble person, but also a proud person. I was struggling with the fact, that these days everybody want to get everything for free and still complain about little details instead of being thankful. The more content you create, the more people get to see your content.

    The number of grows, but it is just a number, which is important for your advertising partners, but not for you as a person. Do i really care if I have 200.000 people reading my blog or would it matter to me if there were just 200? The blog is still the same for every single person…

    I had a problem with my own goals and struggled if somebody asked me about it. I never planned to become famous, I never wanted to be an online personality, it just happened, because I was creating content, that people wanted to see.

    Now that I found Patreon for me I am so much more in love with my job, than ever before. Now I can create content and show my passion for feminine clothes and get stronger than ever. No more envy people around me, instead more respectful people, that want to be a part in my #purefamily.

    This is how it feels – like belonging together and being a kind of family with different types of people but we all have something in common.

    Thank you for your support on Patreon – let’s have a lot of great moments together…



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